NSF Bridge-to-Math Doctorate Program University of Texas at Arlington

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Categories: NSF Bridge to the Doctorate

Date: 8/1/2019

The goal of this NSF Bridge program is to prepare the participants for doctoral programs in the mathematical sciences through preparatory coursework and mentoring. It is aimed at helping students interested in a doctoral degree in the mathematical sciences who may not have yet had the opportunity for a strong preparation for it.

It allows qualified undergraduate seniors to spend 12 months at UT Arlington while being a full-time student at their own home institution. The participating seniors are mentored and involved in coursework during the two academic semesters and research in the summer with the goal of preparation for doctoral studies.

The NSF Bridge program also allows qualified students with a bachelor's degree in the mathematical sciences to participate in a two-semester academic program with the possibility of summer support.The goal is again to help them prepare for doctoral studies in the mathematical sciences.

For more information, see https://fermat.uta.edu/bridge/ or contact Prof. T. Aktosun (aktosun@uta.edu).