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1 LSMRCE Newsletter, Y7v4LSMRCE COMMUNITY: Summer Internships, Research Opportunities, and Employment Opportunities27
2 LSMRCE Newsletter, Y7v3LSMRCE COMMUNITY: Funding Announcement, Eaton RSVP Deadline, Internships, Fellowships, Funding, and more!28
3 LSMRCE Newsletter, Y7v2LSMCE COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIES: GRFP, Conferences, Competitions, NSF Resources, Job Openings and More!29
4 LSMRCE Newsletter, Y7v1LSMCE COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIES: Tech Open House and Poster Session, IN LSAMP Conference, NSF Directors Meeting Save the Date, Job Openings and More!30
5 LSMRCE Newsletter, Y7v5LSMRCE Community Opportunities: Summer Research Internships for Undergrads, Graduate School Opps, Howard University LSAMP BD Open, Job Opportunities, ....34
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