AAAS ERN Professional Development Series

Categories: Professional Development

Date: 2/7/2019

ATTENTION Faculty Mentors and STEM Students: A series of webinars have been developed to assist students in honing their presentation skills. You’ll learn about the judging criteria, how to prepare, and tips when presenting. There will be time at the end for a discussion on the topic and to ask the presenter any questions you may have about the process of developing your presentation and receiving high marks.

Please note that students from any institution can benefit from these webinars and should be informed of the opportunity.

The dates for these events are as follows:

How to Deliver an Excellent Poster Research Presentation
  • Thursday, January 24th @ 2:00PM EST
  • Wednesday, January 30th @ 1:00PM EST
  • Tuesday, February 5th @ 11AM EST

How to Deliver an Excellent Oral Research Presentation
  • Friday, January 25th @ 2:00PM EST
  • January, 31th @ 1:00PM EST
  • Wednesday, February 6th @ 11:00AM EST

AAAS and ERN Professional Development Webinars