NASA Student Airborne Research Program East


Date: 1/30/2023

The NASA Airborne Science Program announces opportunities for advanced undergraduates of STEM background to apply for participation in the 15th annual NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP 2023). This is a paid 8-week summer internship program (June to August) in Earth system science. Please share this opportunity widely with your colleagues and undergraduate students!

We are seeking 52 students who will have the opportunity to acquire hands-on research experience in all aspects of an airborne scientific campaign. Students will work in multi-disciplinary teams to study surface, atmospheric, or oceanographic processes. Participants will fly onboard a research aircraft and assist in the operation of instruments to sample and measure atmospheric gases and aerosols and to image land and water surfaces in multiple spectral bands. Along with airborne data collection, students will participate in taking measurements at field sites. Each student will develop a research project from the data collected and will deliver final presentations on their results.

Outstanding faculty and staff for this program will be drawn from several universities and NASA centers, as well as from NASA flight operations and engineering personnel.

SARP participants will receive a stipend, travel allowance, free housing, and local transportation during the 8-week program.

NOTE: Prospective applicants must complete the application (including all essay questions) that can be found on the SARP website at: by the deadline of January 30, 2023.

*Applicants must be US citizens*

Watch a video about the program

Application deadline is Monday, January 30, 2023