Idaho National Laboratory Seeking Physics or Nuclear Engineering Graduate Students

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Date: 3/1/2019

Idaho National Laboratory is seeking a physics or nuclear engineering graduate student to explore three promising photonuclear pathways to producing 37Ar utilizing the bremsstrahlung photons produced with more cost-effective, accessible, and reliable electron linear accelerators (LINAC). Research tasks focus on: a) modeling in support of 37Ar production for each of the three pathways; b) modeling to determine bremsstrahlung 39K(gamma, 2n)37K cross-section production; c) experiments to optimize irradiation parameters; and d) gamma spectroscopy to determine/verify 37Ar and 37K production.

Desired skills would be: 
  • Able to model with MCNP.
  • Have an understanding of gamma-ray spectroscopy.
  • Familiarity with oscilloscopes and gamma-ray detectors.
    Interested? Contact: Terrence Buck, MS,MBA
    Phone: 1-208-526-6714

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