PhD Assistantship Available at Boise State University (starting Fall 2020) in Public Policy and Administration or Geosciences

Categories: Graduate, Internship

Date: 3/1/2020

Application deadline: March 1, 2020 (Note: this is later than the date listed on the graduate college website).

The School of Public Service and the Hazard and Climate Resiliency Consortium (HCRC) at Boise State University invite applications for a Ph.D.-level assistantship beginning in Fall 2020 (start dates negotiable). The successful applicant will work under the supervision of Dr. Saleh Ahmed (School of Public Service) and Dr. Brittany D Brand (Dept. of Geoscience & Director for the Boise State Hazard and Climate Resiliency Consortium) and to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Public Policy and Administration or Geosciences. The student will join an interdisciplinary team, investigating equitable resilience in the context of urban population centers, with an applied focus on the Boise Metropolitan Statistical Area (Idaho).

Despite the implications of resilience in public policy and decision-making, it has attracted criticisms for its limitations to address peoples’ diversities and social vulnerability. Also, resilience efforts often fail to recognize the issues of equity and power, which have profound implications of generating or undermining resilience outcomes. Without equitable resilience, short-, and in long-term sustainability and resilience efforts are at risk. This is not only important for cities or regions in low-income countries, but also in regions like the Boise Metro, which is undergoing rapid social, demographic, economic, and environmental change.

We seek a PhD candidate who will collaborate with the Boise State Hazard and Climate Resiliency Consortium (HCRC) on developing a resilience strategy for the Boise Metro region. As part of this process, the candidate will conduct research on how to characterize the concept of equitable resilience in context urban population centers, with an applied focus on the Boise Metro area. The student will also explore (1) What are the key indicators of locally relevant resilience outcomes?; and (2) How can researchers capture the process of “equitable resilience” knowledge production while ensuring we also address the dynamic nature of local change, needs, and challenges. The student is expected to write their dissertation on this topic.

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