National Weather Center REU Program is now accepting applications!

Categories: Internship, Undergraduate

Date: 2/10/2020

We have an exciting summer research program that pairs undergraduate students with research mentors to conduct a project in the wide-ranging meteorology, climate, radar engineering, geography, environmental sustainability, and interdisciplinary topics being researched here. Our mentors come from all of the University of Oklahoma's Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, as well as related organizations in and around the University Research Campus. Students are paid a stipend, have free housing, a travel allowance to/from Norman, OK, and travel allowance to present their work at the national conference that best suits them.*

In addition to research, we help the students learn more about the many careers in and around meteorology to help them explore and find career options that might suit them well. We hold several workshops and have one-on-one mentoring to help students build skills needed to succeed. Our goal is to help participants decide whether a career in research is for them.n a Research Experiences for Undergraduates program you are a member of a cohort of undergraduate students from across the U.S., learning and reflecting together through skill-building workshops, career exploration tours and field trips, science seminars, and a variety of social activities. You are paired with a mentor or mentor team that helps you conduct your own unique research study.

You Receive:
• Stipend of $5,000 • Subsistence of $500 to help with food costs • Travel to/from Norman (up to $600) and travel to a National Conference (up to $1,500). • Housing is provided in modern, furnished campus apartments that feature private bedrooms and shared bathroom and living spaces.

Online Application: