International Research Experience for Undergraduates in France

Categories: Internship, Undergraduate

Date: 3/1/2020

The US/France International Research Experience for Undergraduates (iREU) program is aimed at enhancing publication-quality research success for American undergraduate students in STEM fields (primarily Chemistry-related fields, but some Engineering, Physics, etc.). The NSF-supported program sends participants abroad to experience deep-immersion in world-class laboratories for three to six month intervals.

This program operates exclusively by LSAMP faculty mentor nominations. The student’s faculty mentor will submit a short (half page) nomination email that emphasizes their nominee’s specific capabilities to succeed in any STEM research area at a selected iREU location.

Locations for Study in France
The University of Toulouse is located in several institutions throughout the Midi-Pyrenées region. Participating institutions are Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse III and LCC CNRS-Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination. The University of Bordeaux will host students at the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM). The University of Bordeaux has one of the largest campuses in Europe, and is located near to the city.

Stipend and Reimbursements
The stipend amount for the initial three months will be a total of $5,500. Housing accommodations will be funded by the IREU and international collaborators. Airfare will be funded by the participant’s LSAMP university or by the IREU grant. The participant is responsible for paying the housing deposit; however, they should receive it back upon departure. The participant will not be reimbursed for the cost of VISA fees and charges involved in establishing a bank account, cell phone, insurance, etc., as these costs are factored into the stipend amount.

Contact Liaison
For any questions or submission of nominations, please contact the IREU Director David Spivak, email, tel: 225-578-2868.

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