Information for Conference Presenters

Whether you have presented at LSMRCE conferences in the past or you are new to the scene, we want to be sure you have everything you need to create and deliver a successful educational session at the 2019 Annual Conference, Building a Diverse STEM Talent Pool: Classrooms to Careers, October 25-27, 2019, at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Please be sure to read the general information for all presenters, as well as, the information specific to your presentation type below.


  • Presenters who received a LSMRCE Travel Award receive a $250 travel award to offset the costs of travel to the conference.
    Only the submitting presenter of a multi-presenter session will receive a travel award.
    To receive your travel award monies, you will be required to submit an online reimbursement form and include copies of travel related receipts.
    The link to the online form and instructions will be sent out in a later communication.
  • Travel Award recipients receive complimentary 2-night lodging at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing.
    Only the submitting presenter of a multi-presenter session will receive a complimentary lodging.
  • LSMRCE will book a room on your behalf and send you a hotel confirmation number via email by October 10th.
  • Students from the same school are encouraged to share two persons to a room, when possible.
  • If you have special room requirements, please contact the hotel directly at 1 317-846-2700.
  • All presenters receive complimentary registration. This includes co-presenters.
  • All presenters must self-register by September 30, 2019, using the promo code provided by LSMRCE.
    If you need the promo code, please contact Deb Cole at 317-278-4753 or email
  • Register here


LSMRCE Policy on Session Changes
  • LSMRCE reserves the right to combine similar sessions, to change titles and descriptions or to add presenters as necessary.
    Submitters will be notified of any changes and given the opportunity to modify their programs accordingly.
  • Sessions can be scheduled at any time during the 2017 Annual Conference
    and presenters must be available Saturday, October 26th, from 8a - 6p EDT, and Sunday, October 27th, from 8a-12p
LSMRCE Policy on Content, Copyright, and Public Posting of Presentation Material
  • Presentations must match the descriptions originally submitted; accepted abstracts will be used in marketing materials and will contribute to attendee expectations.
  • Presentations must observe copyright and trademark rules.
  • Presentations will be posted on the LSMRCE conference website and available to the public.
    **If your presentation contains any sensitive information that cannot be made public, you must contact our offices before you present.**


  • Electronic participant materials are required for all accepted educational sessions because they help reinforce what is presented.
    (B2D Oral presenters are exempt from this requirement)
  • PRESENTATION FILES: : Presenters must bring their final presentation material on USB thumb drive to the conference.
    You will be required to submit your electronic files. The link to the upload your presentation files will be sent out in a later communication
  • LSMRCE will make resource materials available online.
    **If your presentation contains any sensitive information that cannot be made public, you must contact our offices before you present.**
  • Examples of participant resource materials include copies of your presentation slides (with room for note-taking), lists of recommended reading and resources or inventories of websites.
    The best materials are ones that participants can refer to long after the session ends, such as case studies with solutions, samples, and templates.
  • Audiovisual equipment will be set up for you on the day of your presentation.
    A laptop will be provided for you. You may not use your own laptop.
  • Presenters must arrive at their session rooms 10 minutes prior to the start of the session to check audiovisual equipment and room set-up.
  • LSMRCE does not produce printed handouts. Presenters who elect to provide handouts are responsible for their production, costs, and distribution.



When preparing your poster, follow these guidelines download guidelines
  1. View the following recorded webinars!
  2. SIZE: Entire poster should be no larger than 4 feet wide by 4 feet high.
  3. DISPLAY: You must have your poster printed to size prior to arrival at the conference. All posters will be affixed to and displayed on a vertical surface.
    Thumbtacks will be supplied to secure your poster to the surface.
  4. TITLE: (30-word limit): The title should clearly identify the contents of the poster.
  5. AUTHORS and AFFILIATIONS: List each author separately. Presenting author should be listed in all caps. Do NOT include titles or degrees.
    Faculty mentors should appear last with an ‘and’ prior to their name. Do not include street addresses.
  6. CONTENT: Posters must cover the same material as the abstracts.
    • Authors have complete freedom to display poster information in figures, tables, text, photographs, etc.
    • Briefly, describe procedures and materials. Define all trade names first, and then use generic names throughout.
      All compounds and drugs must be identified.
    • Prepare all illustrations neatly and legibly beforehand, in a size enough to be read at a distance of eight feet.
  7. Electronic presentations are not permitted.
Presenters must be on site by 9:00a EDT on Saturday, October 26, and have checked in at the registration table.
  • There will be two 1-hour poster sessions - both held on Saturday morning.
    The first sessions will be held from 9:30a-10:30a EDT and the second from 10:30a-11:30a EDT.
    Each presenter will be assigned one of the two sessions.
  • Posters will be hung at the time of registration check-in and displayed until the completion of the entire posters session, 12PM EST.
  • LSMRCE will supply poster board easels and thumbtacks or push pins. Do not use staples or tape.
    No other audiovisual equipment is provided for poster presentations.
  • LSMRCE is not responsible for posters or materials left on boards after the stated hours.
  • Either the author or co-author must stay with the poster display for the entire assigned poster session.
  • Students will be judged on the quality of their research knowledge and ability to confidently convey this information during the poster session interviews.
  • Poster presenters will be judged using the following POSTER RUBRIC.