What can I do with my STEM degree?

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LSAMP scholars across the country are engaged in a variety of employment and graduate school opportunities after graduation. Each alumnus has a unique pathway…

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Portrait of Christine Picard smiling at the camera.

Meet LSAMP Alumni Amber Huff

Amber served as an IN LSAMP research scholar in Dr. XXX’s lab doing research on XXX. Between her junior and senior year at IUPUI, she participated in the XXX REU program at Michigan State University where she researched XXX. She graduated from IUPUI in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and began her studies as a medical student at the Washington State University Medical Center. After graduating with her MD, Amber is currently working as a physician in the XXX department in San Antonio, Texas.

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Portrait of Christine Picard smiling at the camera.