Speaker Series

LSMRCE in collaboration with the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation hosts live, interactive events where participants can ask their most pressing questions and share their thoughts and ideas. Topics include everything from life management skills, to preparing for graduate school, to exploring different careers and pathways in STEM.

All students are welcome!

Each session will be recorded and posted to this webpage. Check this page often for updates!

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Spring 2021 speaker seriess

2021 Upcoming Webinars

Apr 21 6:00p ET STEM Career Panel: Insider tips Register here
Apr 22 5:00p ET Intellectual Property and Patent Law: Get your ideas protected Register here
May 26 6:00p ET Racism in STEM, part 1 of 3 Register here
Jun 2 6:00p ET Imposter Syndrome Register here
Jun 9 6:00p ET Grit and Resilience Register here
Jun 16 6:00p ET Racism in STEM, part 2 of 3 Register here
Jun 23 6:00p ET Mentor vs. Sponsor: Establishing the right relationships to succeed in STEM Register here
Jun 30 6:00p ET Racism in STEM, part 3 of 3 Register here
Jul 7 6:00p ET STEM Career Panel Register here
Jul 14 6:00p ET Graduate School Panel Register here
Jul 21 6:00p ET Work/Life Balance Register here
Jul 28 6:00p ET Center and Focus Register here
Aug 25 6:00p ET Ready, Set, Motivate! Register here

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Recorded session Details

Abstracts & Posters

Join the Bridge to the Doctorate Fellows from Wisc-AMP to learn about research abstracts and poster presentations. Alexius Lampkins and Darian James will demonstrate how to best showcase your research outcomes at a professional research conference. This session covers: Basic components and requirements of a research poster; What differentiates a good poster from a winning poster; Presenting to different audiences; Best practices in delivering the research presentation at a poster session. Recorded July 15, 2020.

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Accountability: Who is on your board of directors?

Anique Ruiz and Brian Thomas share the concept of a personal board of directors (PBOD) as a strategy to help you reach your goals. Attendees learn how a PBOD can be a powerful part of any accountability system and what key characteristics students should look for in a potential board member. As part of this webinar, students participate in a reflection activity where they identify a few individuals who would earn a spot on their PBOD and why that individual was selected.

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Applying to Graduate School

Dr. Cammi Valdez leads a discussion about the process of applying to and selecting a graduate schools. Panelists include current and past graduate students Maria Gonzalez from Virginia Tech, Ailon Haileyesus from Stryker, Rodrigue Mbog from University of Southern Illinois, and Kayla Titialii Torres from University of Kentucky. Recorded July 22, 2020.

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Brand Management

Learn what personal branding is, why personal branding is important in promoting your skills, and how to leverage social media to promote your brand. Recorded June 8, 2020.

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Career Pathways in STEM!

Panelists Dr. Jessica Esquivel from Fermilab, Paul Faronbi from Nestle Purina, and Dr. Marquicia Pierce from TSRL, Inc., share their stories navigating to where they are today. Topics include: imposter syndrome challenges, taking risks when opportunities present themselves, and being a minority in a majority space. Recorded July 8, 2020.

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Career Pathways in STEM!

Panelists Dr. Silvia Alvarez-Clare, Tree Ecologist from Morton Arboretum, Mr. Wilson Darko, Power Systems Engineer from Eaton Corporation, and Dr. Pamella Shaw, Assistant Dean of Admissions from The Ohio State University, share their stories navigating to where they are today. Topics include: what it takes to succeed in STEM, flexibility to change careers, making your own opportunities in STEM, and being a minority in a majority space. Recorded June 17, 2020.

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De-Stress & Motivate!

Discover strategies to cope with the added stress and challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic. Anique Ruiz and Brian Thomas share tips for staying motivated and healthy, along with tools for setting up a home-work space and working amidst home distractions. Recorded May 26, 2020.

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Envisioning Success in STEM

This session includes an overview of what SMART goals are and how to convert a goal into a SMART goal. During a group exercise, students will have the opportunity to practice converting their goals into SMART goals. The session will end with a group discussion on potential pitfalls and strategies to avoid or address challenges. PRE-EXERCISE: Students are asked to think about their vision for 2021. Then watch the recording with 1-2 goals in mind that will help them achieve that vision.

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Funding Graduate School

Dr. Cammi Valdez leads a discussion on strategies and mechanisms to fund graduate school. Topics include funding package options, budgeting in grad school, fellowship opportunities, when to apply for funding, and where to find fellowships. Dr. Ana Chicas Mosier joins the conversation to share her experience applying to and holding several graduate fellowships and answers questions from prospective graduate students. Recorded July 29, 2020.

Get a Job!

Attention graduate students and students entering in the workforce! This webinar discusses the job acquisition process in academia and in corporate/industry. Brian Thomas leads a discussion with Drs. Ben Flores, Professor of Engineering at University of Texas El Paso and PI of the UT Systems LSAMP, and Dr. Cammi Valdez, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Northeastern State University and previous past Director of the McNair Program at Wellesley College. Specific topics include 1) Finding and applying to jobs; 2) The hiring process; and 3) Strategies to be successful in the application and interview process. This is a 90m session.

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Is Chemistry Grad School for Me?

In this panel, current and past graduate students from UPenn share the ins-and-outs of continuing your chemistry education in grad school. Included in this discussion is the application process, what makes a strong application for a competitive program, and how to succeed and thrive in the graduate school environment.

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Internships: Find & Apply

Brian Thomas leads a discussion on how to find your ideal internship, discuss timelines and requirements, as well as provide strategies for developing a strong application. Panelists include representatives from Fermilab, Argonne National Laboratory and industry. In addition, Institute for Broadening Participation https://PathwaysToScience.org program representative demonstrates how to optimally use search tools to find internship opportunities. Recorded October 21, 2020.

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LinkedIn and Digital Resumes

Whether you are applying to graduate school, jobs, or summer research internships, your digital presence matters! Dr. Cammi Valdez leads a discussion to learn how to improve your digital presence to help land the opportunity you are pursuing. During this workshop, we will discuss LinkedIn, creating a digital resume accessible to your network, and social media for young professionals.

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Networking in the New Normal

Brian Thomas leads a discussion on how networking has changed with social distancing. Learn the importance of professional networks in making the connections that lead to jobs, research opportunities, and much more. Recorded July 1, 2020.

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PhD? Why not me!

Dr. Cammi Valdez leads a discussion on graduate school. Topics include: factors to consider, different graduate school pathways, application process, and application components. Recorded June 23, 2020.

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Study Skills for Academic Success

Paul Ardayfio, Ph.D, Clinical Research Advisor, Neuroscience and Internal Medicine-GPS Medical, Eli Lilly and Co., leads a discussion on study skills and strategies for academic success. Participants learn the most effective research-based study strategies for academic success, as well as, the surprising study strategies that are not effective, but commonly used. Recorded September 16, 2020.

Time Management

Learn practical time management skills and techniques to be more productive and effective in meeting the demands of their academic, professional, and personal life. Recorded June 3, 2020.

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