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In 2017, Paul Faronbi (Iowa State University, 2016) and Queenster Nartey (Grinnell College, 2016) founded the IINSPIRE LSAMP Alumni Committee. The committee consisted of alumni from across the IINSPIRE LSAMP Alliance. This year, we are developing a new committee to expand to all LSAMP institutions.

LSAMP alumni are encouraged to give back to the program through role modeling and other activities that support STEM student success. STEM alumni serve as valuable role models to multicultural STEM students and exemplify the value of LSAMP to our partners and funding agencies.


Portrait of Paul Faronbi smiling at the camera.
Paul Faronbi (President)

Paul started his LSAMP journey with summer internship with IINSPIRE. He was awarded poster presentation awards for several conferences. His summer internship with IINSPIRE in 2014 laid the foundation for his career. He has his Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Iowa State University. He is a co-founder of IINSPIRE-LSAMP Alumni Committee and Founder of the LSAMP Alumni Group. Paul currently works for Nestle Purina as a Mechanical Packaging Engineer and has a business called IncrediPaul where he helps students and young professionals with professional development.

Portrait of Lizeth Tamayo smiling at the camera.
Lizeth Tamayo (Outreach Chair)

Lizeth is a PhD student in the Department of Public Health Sciences. She completed her Undergraduate studies at Augustana College in Biochemistry and French and her Masters in Public Heath with a concentration in Epidemiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is interested in addressing health disparities and high risk populations through the interweaving of genetic epidemiology with socio-behavioral research. Currently, she's pursing Ph.D. degree in Genetic Epidemiology at University of Chicago.

Portrait of Nathalie Fuentes smiling at the camera.
Nathalie Fuentes, Ph.D. (Mentorship Chair)

Dr. Nathalie Fuentes has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Iowa State University and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Penn State College of Medicine. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Fuentes has started to build her career through participation in over 30 professional conferences, having worked in 10 laboratories in 3 different countries, authoring many publications, and receiving recognitions at national and international levels. She is passionate about mentoring students and helping the next generation of scientists.

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We invite all current and previous LSAMP scholars to join the NALA. The goal of this committee is to establish a resource to tap into to bring-post baccalaureates students or professionals back for conferences, workshops, or virtual discussions.

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As LSAMP Alumni we are delighted to connect with current students and give back to our LSAMP institutions. As graduate students and professionals we want to make sure that our time and expertise is valued. We have carefully crafted a list of services that we currently provide to alliances and include a table of prices and descriptions of the services.

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