2022 Award Winners

Tony Quinn Inclusive Excellence Award

The Tony Quinn Inclusive Excellence award is given annually to an individual who embodies Dr. Quinn’s commitment to mentoring students and his passion for increasing the participation of URM students in STEM. Read more about the Tony Quinn award on LSMRCE.org.

The 2022 award recipient is Dr. Wilkistar Otieno, Associate Professor in Industrial Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Learn more about Dr. Otieno's tremendous contributions to the community through leadership and service.

Top Doctoral Oral Presenter

Hossein Abedsoltan, Post-Doctoral Student, University of Toledo DBU-acid Ionic Liquids for Hydrolysis Recycling of Polyethylene Terephthalate

Poster Winners

1st - Arinzechukwu Egbuna, Benedictine University, PUMA-STEM
Two unique phages, one bacterial host: Comparison of Arthrobacter globiformis phages BigAri23 and Tiari
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2nd – Miriam Abd, Lewis University, PUMA-STEM
Determining the Mechanism Underlying Increased Longevity in an Alzheimer's Model Following Copper Chelation
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3rd - Andrew Jimenez, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Southwest Georgia STEM Alliance
Determining the Optimal Technique for Total Protein Isolation from C. elegans
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People’s Choice Poster Winners

Dominick George, Chicago State University, ILSAMP
Comparing the Surface Density of Nuclear Pores in Adult Mouse and Macaque Cortical Neurons
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Valeria Rivera, Laredo College, LEAPS Scholar
The Affect of Toner and Temperature in an All-Natural Scar Cream
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