LSAMP Alumni Profile

Madison Wardlaw
STEM Teacher (4-8), School District of Philadelphia

Past Clubs/Organizations
Black Students in STEM Crecemos Unidos

Past Research
UG: Worked with Professor Kamunde-Devonish to work on the synthesis of a tripodal pyrrole based ligand (inorganic synthesis) Current role: computational chemistry research photosynthesis at CoQ10 at UPenn

Madison Wardlaw

My passions perfectly align with the mission of this organization. From a young age, I've always had a burning passion for science and using it as a medium for understanding the world. Grinnell College helped me to discover my passion for social justice, specifically in regards to educating Black and Brown youth. Through my career as a educator, I use a trauma-informed and culturally competent lens to educate Black students who look like me. In my classroom, I use a lot of the same skills I developed through participating in activism on the campus: building relationships with those around me and encouraging others to make space for themselves if that seat at the table does not exist. For BIPOC undergraduates in STEM, I think the premise of this message is ever important. I envision myself contributing to ILAC in many ways, but I would be most excited to hear more about mentorship director. My undergraduate and graduate degree experiences, I believe, would be useful in such a role.

I am available to mentor in the following ways
Alumni Recruitment, Host Workshops

My areas of expertise include
Grad School Process, Interviewing, Leadership Skills, Research Posters, Resume/CV