LSAMP Alumni Profile

Sandro Aldana
Associate Engineer-Electrical Systems, Caterpillar Inc

Past Clubs/Organizations
Soccer Team, Carl Sandburg College, Doane University Varsity Member, August 2014-May 2016, August 2016-May 2019 Engineers Without Borders, Doane University President, May 2018-May 2019

Past Research
Moore Dynamics and Analytics Laboratory, Lincoln, NE Graduate Research Assistant, September 2019-Present ● Used MATLAB to model and simulate Bolted Joint Loosening between Multiple Joints ● Studied different forms of finite element methods to forms basis of models IINSPIRE-LSAMP Student Researcher I, May-August 2018 ● Researched novel renewable energy sources, including atmospheric electricity and high-energy atmospheric particle decomposition ● Designed, constructed, and critically analyzed multiple prototypes ● Professionally presented recommendations and results to faculty and peers

Sandro Aldana

My passion is to aid others that may not understand the resources out there that they can use. Such as getting free grad school through being a GTA or a GRA. What this entails and how to accomplish in both of these roles. That there is a lot of direction in which a person in stem can go. Whether that is industry a MS or a PhD there is not just one route. That would be the message to convey along with how to setup to succeed in this road. I want to be able to contribute my time and experiences of being a student in there shoes where I had no one to ask about the graduate school process or experience.

I am available to mentor in the following ways
Attend Conferences, Host Workshops

My areas of expertise include
Grad School Process, Resume/CV