LSAMP Alumni Profile

Dr. Lamar Burton
Senior Systems Engineer, Raytheon Technologies

Past Clubs/Organizations
LS-LAMP FEF McKnight Fellowship FIU Bridge to the Doctorate FG LSAMP NSBE National Society of Black Engineers SU Animal Science Club Tri-Beta Biological Sciences Club SU Quiz Bowl Team

Past Research
Nano Sensors and MEMS device fabrication for soil nutrient detection. Electrochemical sensor embedded in Pllant-on-chip device for root nutrient analysis. Sustainable Smart Farming using IoT sensors and Solar Panel. Machine Learning in wireless Sensor network precision agriculture. Mixed species Grazing of Goats and Cattle: Mitigating Haemonchus contortus in goats. Sustainable Water Filter Design for Bongo District Ghana, Africa

Dr. Lamar Burton

I love almost every scholastic discipline especially history and science. I enjoy reading and read just about everything from science fiction to Science Magazine. My favorite reading subjects are about ancient African culture and spirituality. Though I haven’t been just yet, I have it on my bucket list to visit Egypt soon. I have a love for farm animals and farming. I actually thought I’d become a Veterinarian until discovered my love for sensors and electronics. I have three young boys and I can clearly see they share a passion of mine -to solve problems! Here are a couple of messages for undergraduates in STEM: 1) You are very smart and you do have the capacity to learn anything! Utilize the human power law of performance! 2) Never give up! I’d lie if I say there are no hard times, but, the thing that separates those that achieve and experience the delayed gratification versus those that don’t is simple, they never give up. So believe in yourself and never give up. I’d like to contribute to the LSAMP Alumni group by serving as a mentor or any other role that is needed.

I am available to mentor in the following ways
Attend Conferences

My areas of expertise include
Grad School Process, Networking, Research Presentation