Boise State University REU Program in Data-driven Security

Categories: Undergraduate, Internship

Date: 3/1/2020

The Department of Computer Science at Boise State University is seeking applications for a nine-week interdisciplinary undergraduate research program, Data-driven Security, focusing on applying data science and artificial intelligence to mitigate cyberattacks and other security risks and threats. We hope you will assist us by sharing this opportunity with your students. We welcome applications from current undergraduate students who have a strong interest in computer science, mathematics, or engineering. This intensive program will expose up to ten undergraduate students to topics in cybersecurity (intrusion and threat detection, lightweight cryptography, side-channel attacks), misbehavior detection, national security (e.g., counter-terrorism), and misinformation mitigation. The program aims to immerse undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds in all facets of research in computer science and mathematics in a culture of close and daily collaboration with faculty.


Students who are also members of groups underrepresented in STEM fields or who are enrolled in a minority-, women's-, or non-doctoral institution are particularly encouraged to apply.

REU program features • 9-week research experience in data-driven security. • Receive $5,400 stipend, free on-campus housing and an allowance for meals. • Travel funds to/from the Data-driven Security REU site. • Participate in professional development workshops addressing research presentation skills, scientific writing, and ethics. • Attend scientific seminars and guest lectures by computer scientists and mathematicians. • Be part of the summer research community of collaborators, students, and faculty, from all STEM disciplines and programs on campus. • Opportunity to present at the 2020 Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR). • Opportunity to win a travel grant to present summer research results at a national conference. • Enjoy the various cultural and social activities in and around Boise.