LSAMP Alumni Profile

Nikita Kozak
Mechanical Engineering PhD Student, Stanford Univ.
Honorary IINSPIRE LSAMP Alumni

Past Research
Most of my undergraduate research was with the US Army Research Laboratory where I was a collaborator with the Turbomachinery Research Team. I primarily focused on gas turbine engine design, optimization, and analysis using computational fluid dynamics and machine learning. I have some research experience with modeling wind turbines. I have also completed research on inventory management with data driven techniques. I am a graduate student focusing on the intersection of fluid sciences, machine learning, and computational engineering.

Nikita Kozak

I have a huge passion for multidisciplinary research! I believe blending ideas from different fields and backgrounds is such a powerful tool. Yet, entering novel fields or proposing new ideas is often nerve racking - at least in my experience. Furthermore, I have always found it really hard to figure out where to start. I would love to listen to student ideas, help them build more concrete plans, find opportunities and funding, building their confidence in pursing novel fields, enhance their ability to present to a wide range of audiences, and improving their research and leadership skills!

I am available to mentor in the following ways
Host Workshops

My areas of expertise include
Grad School Process, Interviewing, Networking, Public Speaking, Leadership Skills, Research Posters, Research Presentation, Resume/CV