LSAMP Alumni Profile

Norbaya Durr
Undergraduate Student, Elmhurst University

Past Clubs/Organizations
PUMA-STEM peer mentor, Sigma Xi member, Honors Program member, Garden Club, IMAN Board of Director.

Past Research
I've completed nearly 3 semesters worth of Honors Independent Research courses studying the affects of native plants growing on green roofs and how biotechnology may increase their capacity to sequester atmospheric carbon. I participated in an REU at the Morton Arboretum in 2020. I am working as a summer intern at the Morton Arboretum this year (2021) and will also focus on fungi genomics and rhizosphere research. I am also conducting research in a PUMA-STEM summer research opportunity, focusing on phylogeny, abiotic and AMF influences on native plants and their ability to adapt to extreme or variable habitats.

Norbaya Durr

I double major in Biology and English and minor in chemistry. Although it is a minor, I am passionate about chemistry and specifically, organic and biochemistry. I have a wide range of research interests including, planetary science, microbial ecology, biotechnology, ecology, conservation, literature and scientific writing and scientific communication. My graduate school focus is in plant biology/Botany. I am also an artist and incorporate science when I can and when it will convey science in a fun, artistic engaging manner. My artistry expands from painting, music producing, performance art and enabling other artists. My English degree focus is in bibliotherapy and creative writing. I recently produced a film using bibliotherapy and creative writing and presented it at the 2021 Macksey Symposium. I am also a peer mentor for first year students in STEM. I believe mentorship and mentoring are incredibly needed programs for students. Through mentoring, support, guidance and direction can help us build stronger communities and aid our progression within our careers and personal lives. I want to contribute all that I have mentioned and especially, help build the future generations of people of color within STEM.

I am available to mentor in the following ways
Attend Conferences, Host Workshops

My areas of expertise include
Networking, Public Speaking, Leadership Skills, Research Abstracts, Research Presentation